In Lima, ceviche is widely considered the dish of the city (and sometimes the dish of Peru), and cevicherias are the temples where we can go to duly worship it. As major ceviche fans, we were determined to find the best cevicherias in Lima, but as we researched endlessly we found that every article or post simply listed the same few five star restaurants owned by internationally famous chefs. We could have figured that out ourselves…But in a city famous for ceviche, are fancy restaurants really the only spots where you can find “the best ceviche” in Lima? We began asking locals for the best (and their favorite) cevicherias, and even the ones who could afford those five star places never mentioned them first. So we followed the trails to markets, street vendors, and some beautiful but still affordable restaurants and did the dirty (and very delicious) work so that you can make the most of your ceviche-eating days in Lima. Because yes, there are local spots that don’t cost a fortune, and it’s time someone got the word out to visitors (or expats!) looking for the real stuff.




Enjoy foodies!



Cevicheria Bam Bam


Specializing in Northern-style ceviche, this spot is shy of tourists but very well-known by locals (and our personal favorite). After winning on a Peruvian food show, they won a new restaurant and very well-deserved bragging rights. We like the ceviche because the flavorful Northern-style is similar to that of Lima, but with an increase in the spices, the fish is served fresh and very generously, and a standard dish is only 15 soles (5 dollars). The people are friendly, there’s a constant buzz in both restaurants, and if you want to really get into the seafood mode they have a spectacular (and I don’t use that word lightly) menu of hot dishes as well.

Favorites: Leche del Tigre, Ceviche con Conchas Negras (strong flavor, but considered the best by locals), Tacu Tacu con Salsa de Mariscos, Arroz con Mariscos, and definitely a glass of chica morada on the side

Jr. Huáscar & Pj. Santa Rita, Surquillo (Right behind Surquillo Market #1)


Punto Azul


A lively restaurant with great ambiance and delicately-crafted dishes, Punto Azul offers all of the staple classics and innovative variations on each. It’s in the more expensive half of this list, but still very affordable and you’ll see why it’s the most popular one on this list. It’s a great place to order several different things and share, because the portions are generous and because it’s impossible to choose only one item off of this menu. Only downside: serving food this good guarantees crowds, go by 12 noon for lunch or you’ll have a very long wait!

Favorites: Tiradito Tres Colores (aji amarillo is our favorite colore), Ceviche Mixto, Tacu Tacu con seco de Pescado, Piqueo Punto Azul, Arroz con Mariscos (it’s hard to go wrong with any of the seafood here)

Calle San Martin 595, Miraflores




El Cebiche de Ronald


The winner of the television show that also featured Bam Bam, many claim this is the best ceviche in Lima. Simple and straightforward, there is one dish here- half ceviche, half chicharron for 15 soles. You must go early to avoid crowds or, worse, when they run out of ceviche on very busy days. Don’t go after noon or you run both risks, but both are evidence of how beloved and freshly made Ronald’s ceviche is. If you hit it at the crowded hour, the Chinese restaurant next door will rentyou a table for 2 soles!

Favorite: You’ve only got one choice 🙂

Av. Ignacio Merino 2427-9, Lince


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Mercado Numero Uno Surquillo – La Peruanita


Tucked in the corner of the fish market of Surquillo Mercado Numero Uno, this is for those willing to work a bit harder for their meal. While the food is wonderful, you’re sitting on stools in the midst of the fish market and seeing them chop the fish right in front of you, which may not be for everyone (but is the authentic type of dining we love while traveling). They pick the fish and shellfish straight from the display where they sell them so the food is as fresh as it gets, and of course it’s all at cheap market prices. All dishes come with a complimentary soup at the beginning, always a nice touch. (You can also buy any of the seafood first then have it prepared as you like, but you’re going to need some decent Spanish to place that type of order!)

Favorites: Ceviche con Mariscos, Chicharrone de Mariscos, Arroz con Mariscos (they also do 50/50 plates of any of these three!), Leche del Tigre

Av. Paseo de la República (Ca. Narciso de la Colina), Surquillo





Mi Barrunto


This is the most expensive on our list, but mind-blowing true Peruvian ceviche and you probably won’t see another tourist in the restaurant (or area). Start with a leche de pantera (like leche del tigre but with conchas negras, very typical), order a causa as a starter, and dive in to literally any dish on the menu (we recommend ordering something with rice and a fish dish, to experience the full spectrum of deliciousness here). The quality of the fish is very high, and the combinations of very Peruvian flavors are smooth and unique. Designed with bamboo-covered walls with sun streaming through and plastered with soccer memorabilia, this is the authentic experience to trade for the thrice-the-price five stars if you really want to splurge and complete your ceviche education. (It’s also across from famous Alianza Lima’s futbol stadium, and even though we’re Universitario fans, it’s another cool thing to see!)

Favorites: Leche de Pantera, Causa con Pulpa de Cangrego, Arroz Barrunto, Tacu Tacu de Pescado, Tiradito Barrunto

Jr. Sebastian Barranca 935, La Victoria (Near Matute Stadium)


La Casa del Ceviche / Punto Picante


Conveniently located right in Miraflores, this is great ceviche at a great price. It’s standard, solid ceviche, nothing too crazy but you won’t be disappointed. It has a nice outdoor seating area were you can enjoy your meal and very kind service. Dishes are about 25 soles (about 8 USD). Also, every person is given the traditional complimentary soup so additional points for that!

Favorites: Ceviche Mixto (and unlike some places, you get a great variety of different seafoods with the mixto), Arroz con Mariscos, Jalea

Calle Berlin 317, Miraflores




El Veridico del Fidel


Their Leche del Tigre (ceviche with milk added) is possibly the best in the city and a dish you cannot miss (but heads up that it comes a bit spicier than others!). Others dishes are also good, fresh and consistent, but most come especially for the leche del tigre. On the higher end of our list, most dishes run around 30 soles (10 dollars).

Favorites: Leche del Tigre

Calle Colon 246, Miraflores


We hope this enriches your ceviche experience in Lima so that everyone can understand what all the fuss is about! If you’ve tried somewhere that’s reasonable and mind-blowing, anywhere in the city, please comment below! The winner’s circle always has room for a few more…


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