Lima may be known for ceviche and seafood, but for some not-talked-about-enough-reasons, this city is sandwich heaven. With a bunch of different delicious meat, endless sauces and fresh baked bread considered a sandwich standard, the city creates the permanent food-lovers dilemma: spending your time on a “basic” food like sandwiches in this food capital should be wrong…but it’s very right. Allow yourself a break from the seafood (as amazing as it is), and see why the city’s sandwiches are the hidden, laidback gem of Peruvian food and anything but basic. Foreigners flock to the famous La Lucha Sangucheria, and as amazing as it is, just as amazing sandwiches can be found around most corners in Lima.




Here are our favorite, most amazing sandwich places in Lima for when you’re ready to branch out (or for when the lines at La Lucha are out of control):


1. El Enano

El Enano has been our Lima go-to since Day 1, it took serious convincing to draw us away to even try other places afterwards. El Enano (“the midget” in Spanish; all the cooks are short!) is a local favorite in Miraflores between Ovalo Miraflores and Ovalo Gutierrez. They make fresh-to-order juices with any combination you want of every fruit available in the country (tuna-mango-papaya is our favorite), and hearty sandwiches with amazing meats. With Peruvian classics such as Butifarra, Asada and Chicarron with Camote (pork with sweet potato), you won’t be disappointed (or hungry for a few hours). They also offer hamburgers, tacos, enchiladas and more…A neighborhood favorite that few tourists find!

Chiclayo 699 (Corner with Arica 490), Miraflores


2. El Peruanito

On Angamos in Miraflores, this local spot is delicious, classic and cheap. Similar to El Enano, they offer all of the Peruvian favorites with meat sliced off the bone in front of you, homemade sauces slathered on fresh French rolls, and jugs of fresh smoothies and juice. You can get a butifarra for just 5 soles, which is normal sandwich size, or any others for 8-11, which are definitely hearty servings. You’ll also see a little dessert case at the entrance, and if you have room this is a great place to try any of them.

Angamos Este 391 (Corner with G. Suarez 715), Miraflores

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3. La Republica

Having opened after tourist favorite La Lucha, La Republica has held it’s own even though many foreigners walk right past it to queue at La Lucha. Different than the other sangucherias, this is more of a burger place with a strong integration of classic criolla dishes (Peruvian homestyle cooking). A bit heavy and very indulgent, this is the perfect guilty pleasure when the skies are gray and chilly in Lima. All of the burgers are great, and the fries covered in meats and cheeses and everything else delicious are incredible. You can also try any of the hot and rich criolla dishes here, we recommend bringing friends and trying a few different things.

Av. Diagonal 220, Miraflores 


4. Chanchipan

When friends found out we were sharing the best sandwiches in Lima, this was recommended to us. Called the “First Fusion Chicarroneria in Lima”, it stands out from the rest. As anyone who’s been in Lima has seen, there is a strong Asian influence, and many Peruvians have some Chinese or Japanese blood in them. So what better than sandwiches that bring in very Peruvian flavors with some Asian fusion? You can get sandwiches with teriyaki or huancaina sauces, pork with sangrecita (very typical Peruvian dish of chicken blood), and like all good sandwich shops in Lima should, they offer amazing fresh juices.

Jr. Huiracocha 1801, Jesús María


5. Twist Burger

Stacked gourmet burgers that aren’t exactly the typical sandwich-spot-next-door type of places, but are mind-blowing and worth trying none the less. A bit more expensive at around 25 soles, you’ll get what you pay for. High quality beef, amazing sauces and cheeses, it’s not very Peruvian but it’s done very well.

Avenida Miguel Grau 384


6. La Lucha Sangucheria

As we’ve already mentioned, this is the go-to spot for some of the best sandwiches in Lima. Right across from Kennedy Park you’ll see a line day and night here, and for good reason. The juices blended with granadilla (a strange and delicious fruit that most gringos have never seen before) are amazing, and you can’t go wrong with the sandwiches (although some of the more complicated ones were surprisingly underwhelming compared to the delicious basics). Pavo (turkey) is our personal favorite, but really, you can’t go wrong.

Main location (across from Park Kennedy): Mariscal Oscar R. Benavides 308, Miraflores

Half block away with half the lines: Pasaje Champagnat 139, Miraflores




Basic Vocab for Ordering a Sandwich in Peru:

Aji: Spicy sauce

Golf: A mixture of mayonaese and ketchup

Papa al hilo: Miniature French fry chips put inside the sandwiches (Some places do it without asking, tell them before if you don’t want them!)

Ensalada: If you want lettuce/tomato/onion, make sure to ask for ensalada on your sandiwch!