Brazilian Superfood: The Anatomy Of An Acai Bowl

When you’ve spent time in a foreign place, long or short, there are always certain tastes, sounds and smells that will take you back there in a second. You can’t help it, it’s a type of physical nostalgia that never really lets you forget a place. Acai is the taste that brings everyone back to Rio de Janeiro in seconds. On every corner of the city you can find it waiting for you: cold, refreshing and as irresistible as anything can be. It’s actually from the Amazon and found all throughout Brazil, but something about the heat and beach lifestyle of Rio just leads us to eat it constantly whenever we’re there. You may have heard of it as it’s becoming much more popular in other countries- as one of the newest “superfoods” that do miracles for your body. So let us introduce you…Here’s why and how to get starting eating Acai, wherever you are!


Source: Sambamazon