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Mancora, Peru is a tiny beach town turned into surfer-partier-backpacker black hole. In a good way. Apparently ten years ago there was little reason for tourists to be there, until hostels such as Loki del Mar made a destination of it. Now, the hostels party hard poolside during the day and at little clubs on the beach at night. Hangovers are cured by surfing, eating shockingly fresh ceviche, and drinking more with all-day drink deals. The beach offers horseback riding, surfing, kiteboarding and banana boat rides, although most people don’t end up doing too many “active” things here.

We stayed at the Mancora Loki del Mar hostel, the place to be if you want the craziest of the parties. Loki Hostels are famous throughout South America for their party atmosphere, blood bomb trains (think 50 people doing bombs of vodka, grenadine and red bull at once), and trapping people who were originally just passing through.

But on top of that, Loki del Mar is the nicest facilities of the Lokis, and basically a mini resort starting at 23 soles per night (that’s less than eight dollars…). With a bar that’s open most of the day and night, swimming pool, hammocks and cabanas, affordable food and a lot of very social party-minded people to meet, it won’t matter that there isn’t thaaaat much else in Mancora.


Pool at Loki Hostels Mancora Piura Peru


We were lucky to be there for Loki del Mar’s 6th Anniversary, pirate themed and stocked with a 200-shot blood bomb train, and very true to the Loki spirit.

The beach outside was nice, and there are a lot of surf schools and places to rent boards. If you’re serious about surfing though, I’ve been told to head one hour away to Lobitos and you’ll be much more satisfied, the waves here aren’t too big, but for beginners it’s great.


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The ceviche, a personal point of much interest, is next level fresh, and the really convenient but always subpar and overpriced places catering to tourists right on the beach are actually some of the best (how often does that happen?). So without having to drag your hungover body too far from the ocean, you can find menus for 10 soles (a few dollars), and deals that offer three large beers at the same price. I recommend ceviche all day, pescado (fish) and mixto (fish with different seafoods such as shrimp, calamari, etc.), and arroz con mariscos (delicious seasoned rice cooked with seafood, a bit like paella). Mi Jihaly was our favorite of the seaside ones, and basically everyone else was in agreement, and it’s also the only one offering the 3 large beers for 10 soles super deal. It’s directly on the beach to the right of Loki and the tiny beach clubs.



Must try Ceviche at Mancora Beach Piura Peru



Another nicer spot to eat that many people recommend is Papa Mo’s Green Eggs and Ham Milk Bar, which serves many American classics you might be missing and incredible creamy creations (the explanation on what “Milk Bar” refers to) such as ice cream sundaes and milkshakes. This one is on the beach right near all the surf board rental stands and has a beautiful balcony underneath the palm trees.


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And that’s basically Mancora. There isn’t too much, but people love staying in the resort-like hostel and partying beachside for a few days. If you’re up for the party, go to Loki. You won’t sleep much, you’ll spend way more that you planned, you’ll meet fun people and have some crazy nights. If you’re staying for a while, I’d recommend following most people who start at Loki for a few nights then move to a quieter hostel for recovering and relaxing. Either way, it’s a great spot to stop by for a bit moving along the North Shore, but if you aren’t up for partying you might not have as much to do. A post like this is proof that we ourselves spent each day partying, and we’ll leave it up to you to make your own stories rather than share our own on Mancora. Beach and drinking, you can fill in the blanks…



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ADVICE: Since it’s no secret that drunk gringos now flock here, it’s gotten a bit dangerous. Your main concern will be muggings, if you wander too far or if you’re right in front of the hostel at late hours (especially when the bar closes and sends everyone to clubs at 2am). It’s gotten a bit of a reputation now, so don’t be too worried but just be cooperative, don’t let a friend who’s had 10 blood bombs wander to the beach or club alone, and be very wary of taxis and the tuk tuk things (a few wait outside the hostel purely for driving people away and mugging them). During the day you shouldn’t have any problems, and there’s plenty to do in the hostel and at the clubs nearby at night so you can just stick to that if you prefer.



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