Lima is a quickly-growing city with a lot to offer, but we know that it’s hard to find the gems when you only have a couple of days. So- we’ve done it for you! Organized by neighborhood, we covered the main areas for you to see and everything you need to eat, drink and do there!




The tourist epicenter of the city, clean and safe Miraflores is an enjoyable and comfortable district with easy access to everything. The most preferred place to stay, but make sure to get out and explore elsewhere because there’s much more to see in the rest of the city!


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Things To See:

Huaca Pucllana (Calle General Borgoño Cuadra, 8 Miraflores)

A pre-Incan archaelogical site, informative free tours and home to one of the nicest restaurants in the city.

Larcomar (Malecón de la Reserva 610)

A very modern shopping center built into the cliffs, great views, restaurants and nightclubs.

Parque Kennedy (aka Cat Park) (Av. Mariscal Oscar Benavides, Miraflores)

The center of Miraflores, home to many cats, surrounded by restaurants.

Parque del Amor (Love Park) (Malecon Cisneros with Malecon Balta)

On the cliffs, mosaics of love quotes and sculptures.

Malecón de la Reserva/Boardwalk (Malecon Cisneros)

The path along the cliffs of Miraflores, sights includes Love Park, Lighthouse, Larcomar and a skate park.


Things To Do:

Surfing (Lessons and rentals on beach below Parque del Amor)

Paragliding (Aeroxtreme, Perufly, Paragliding Tours: All next to Parque del Amor on Malecon de Miraflores)


Places To Eat:

Cebicheria La Mar (Av. La Mar 770)

Famous ceviche restaurant of Gaston Acurio, this is the original location. Expensive.

El Enano Sangucheria (Chiclayo 699 Corner with Arica 490)

Great sandwiches, fresh juices, tacos, great portions & cheap prices.

Edo Sushi (Calle Berlin 601)

Best sushi in Lima, expensive but fair price, great quality and authentic. Some fusion as well.

La Lucha Sangucheria (Mariscal Oscar R. Benavides 308/ Pasaje Champagnat 139)

Most popular sandwiches in Miraflores, fresh juices, smoothies and milkshakes. Second address has shorter lines.

La Republica (Av. Diagonal 220 (Pasaje Olaya))

Burgers, loaded fries and homestyle Peruvian dishes in a casual setting.

New York Burger (Av. Santa Cruz 825 2do Nivel, Óvalo Gutierrez)

Gourmet American-style burgers, expensive for burgers but high quality meat and toppings. Large portions.

Panchita (Avenida Dos de Mayo 298)

Gaston Acurio’s homestyle restaurant with traditional Peruvian dishes. Mid to high price range, but a fair price for what you get.

Punto Azul (Calle San Martin 595)

Great cevicheria with lots of traditional and fusion seafood in a colorful setting, mid price range. Long lines, go early.

Raw Cafe (Calle Independencia 587)

Entirely vegan restaurant at decent prices, fresh sandwiches, salads, juices, coffee and vegan alternatives. Wifi.


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Places To Drink:

Aura (Larcomar) (Malecón de la Reserva 610)

Fancy, exclusive, always full with views of the ocean. Dress code (no t-shirts, no sneakers).

Bar Publico (Thurs-Sat) (Calle Esperanza 335-339)

Casual, decorated with graffiti, fun vibe, young crowd. Decent priced beers, some snacks.

Bizarro (Main night: Weds) (Francisco de Paula Camino 220)

Different floors and rooms with different types of music.

Eka Bar (Calle Esperanza 375 Miraflores)

Fun bar, underground dancefloor.

Emolienteria Bar (Av. Diagonal 598 Bajada Balta)

Creative drinks in a bright new bar, great for starting the night.

Gotica (Larcomar) (Malecón de la Reserva 610)

One of the top clubs in Lima, expensive entry, views of the ocean.



The most beautiful district in Lima, this bohemian area has the best bars, great restaurants, and more colorful original homes in place of the nearby modern apartments. The colorful friendly vibe of Barranco makes it wonderful for wandering, and you won’t want to miss the sunset view from the cliffs.

Things To See:

Malecon de Barranco

The walkway along the cliffs.

Mario Testino Photo Gallery (Pedro de Osma 409)

An old home renovated into photography gallery celebrating world-famous photographer, Peruvian Mario Testino.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (Avenida Almirante Miguel Grau 1511)

Museum of contemporary art, great cafe on site.

Puente de los Suspiros (Paseo Chabuca Granda)

Bridge in the heart of Barranco.


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Places To Eat:

Cala (Costa Verde, Playa Barranquito)

One of only a few places right on the water, first floor is a bar and second floor is an incredible restaurant. Mid to expensive depending on what you order.

Chifa Union/Chifa Chung Yion (Calle Union 126)

The best Chifa in the area and you don’t have to worry about getting sick. Cheap, greasy and good.

La Verdad De La Milanesa (Av. Grau 170)

A variety of different Milanesas, local favorite.

Tio Mario (Jiron Zepita 214)

The place to go for Anticuchos (marinated and grilled cow heart). Two locations in Barranco. Average prices.

Veggie Pizza (Jr Colina 112)

Vegetarian pizza, healthy and decently priced.

Wingman Inc (Av. Grau 188)

Wings with every kind of sauce (even buffalo!) and craft beers. Average prices.

Twist (Avenida Grau 384)

Gourmet American burgers, more expensive than an average burger but more than an average burger.


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Places To Drink:

Juanitos Bar (Avenida Almirante, Miguel Grau 270)

Classic bar/restaurant with cheap beer, homecooked meals and sandwiches. Owners are really friendly.

Ayahuasca Bar (Avenida Prolongacion San Martin 130)

Most incredibly-decorated bar, built in old colonial home. Expensive but casual, one-of-a-kind.

Victoria Bar (Pedro de Osma)

Also built in an old home, not cheap but great atmosphere. Outdoor patio and food available.

Sargento Pimienta (Salsa Tues & Rock Fri) (Av. Bolognesi 757)

Bar/club that’s always full, has giant beers and a mix of foreigners and locals. Live music!

Help! (Thurs) (Calle Catalino Miranda 158)

Best place to be on Thursdays, bar/club with live music, lots of Beatles covers.

Noise (Sat) (Plaza Butters 291)

Club with lots of DJs and live music, always bringing in new artists. Fun with a group.


Nightclub, international and latin music, guestlist before 10:30 is free.



Just across the freeway from Miraflores, it feels a lot more like the neighborhoods in Central Lima than tourist-filled Miraflores. A great way to see authentic markets, eat cheap and explore beyond Kennedy Park without having to go too far.

Things To See:

BioFeria (Sundays)

Farmer’s Market where you can stock up on organic groceries.

Mercado #1 (Av. Paseo de la República (Ca. Narciso de la Colina)

The market closest to Miraflores, great for trying exotic fruits, exploring and eating fresh ceviche. Cheap.

Mercado #2 (Lizardo Montero & Calle Dante)

Very cheap, you can find anything you need here, get anything repaired here, or eat cheap.


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Places To Eat:

Al Toke Pez (Angamos Este 886)

The son of a well-known chef, the owner makes Japanese fusion dishes with classic ceviche plates. Cheap, quick, open for lunch.

Bam Bam Cevicheria (Jr. Huáscar Y Pj. Santa Rita)

One of the best, always crowded, fresh Northern-style ceviche and seafood dishes at great prices.

La Fiorentina Gelateria (Narciso de la Colina 580)

Straight-from-the-farm ingredients used to make gelato of every flavor.

La Peruanita Cevicheria (Inside Mercado # 1)

Inside the market, you can buy seafood here and have it cooked up for you, or order from the ceviche menu. Cheap.

Mercado #1  (Av. Paseo de la República (Ca. Narciso de la Colina)

Mainly cevicherias inside, but surrounding you’ll find cheap menu restaurants.

Mercado #2 (Lizardo Montero & Calle Dante)

Very cheap, a variety from cevicherias to homestyle and menu restaurants.



Where you will find many of the landmark plazas and buildings in Lima. Like any city, this downtown center is busy and bustling with a lot going on at once. One of our favorite spots for the affordable food and authentic view of the city that it offers.

Things To See:

Cerro San Cristobal (grab a bus from Plaza Mayor)

Above centro, this serro neighborhood has breathtaking views of the entire city. You can also paraglide from here.

Casa de la Literatura Peruana (Jr. Ancash 207)

Museum and library dedicated to all of the famous Peruvian authors and their literature.

Chinatown (Barrio Chino, next to Central Market)

Great for enjoying some Chinese food and Asian culture in the midst of Lima. Cheap shopping for all Asian ingredients.

Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco & Catacombs (Plaza San Francisco | Jirón Lampa y Ancash)

Beautiful church, inexpensive ticket buys you access to a tour of the convent and underground catacombs.

Parque de la Reserva (Water Park) (Petit Thouars Avenue Corner of Jiron Madre de Dios)

Incredible colorful fountains and water show each night, just a few soles to enter.

Parque de la Exposicion (28 de Julio & Arequipa)

Big mark in the middle of the city, also home to a modern art museum and concert venue. Full of food vendors on the weekends.

Palacio de Gobierno/Presidential Palace (Plaza Mayor)

On the main square, you can see the changing of the guard out front.

Cathedral de Lima (Plaza Mayor: Jirón Carabaya y Jirón Callao)

On the main square, large cathedral with impressive architecture. Free to enter.

Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor)

Main square, surrounded by classic landmarks.

Plaza San Martin 

Just near the main square, this one is surrounded by grassy areas and Parisian-style buildings.


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Places To Drink:

El Directorio (Jirón Carabaya 937)

Estadio Resto Bar (Avenida Nicolás de Piérola 926)

Soccer-themed sports bar, perfect for watching a game over drinks with friends.

Hotel Bolivar (Jirón de La Unión 958)

Famous for inventing the pisco sour, you can come to the classic bar for the city’s best and strongest.


San Isidro

The nicest district right in Lima, it’s mostly businesses and apartments. It offers a lot of fine dining and high-end shopping.


Huaca Huallamarca (Av. El Rosario & Avenida Nicolas de Rivera 201)

Also called the “Pan de Azucar”, this is a pre-Incan ruin that you can visit and tour.

Parque El Olivar

Local park near restaurants and shopping, calm place to relax.


Astrid y Gaston (Avenida Paz Soldan 290)

Considered one of the best restaurant’s in the world, this is Gaston Acurio’s flagship restaurant of Peruvian haute cuisine. Incredible, very expensive.

Edo Sushi Bar (Avenida Enrique Canaval y Moreyra 575)

Best sushi in Lima, expensive but fair prices, great quality and authentic. Some fusion as well.

Hanzo Sushi

Highly recommended japanese food, expensive.

San Antonio Cafe (Av. Angamos Oeste 1494)

Classic cafe with European feel. Beautiful pastries and a long menu of coffees, sandwiches and such.


South Lima: Beaches

While Lima has plenty of beaches and lots of surfing, the best beaches are just south of the city…

Asia (2 Hours Away)

Beautiful beaches and people. One of the more expensive beaches. Great nightlife in summer.


Just after Barranco, this is the closest spot to Lima where you can find some true sand beaches.

San Bartolo (1 Hour Away)

Long beaches, nightlife in the summer.

Punta Hermosa (1 Hour Away)

Surfing, nightlife in the summer, fresh ceviche.

Naplo (1 Hour Away)

Perfect for water sports.


The Short-Lists:

While these above are all places that we love and recommend, here are some of our favorite spots by category!

The Best Bars in Lima

The Best Cevicherias in Lima

The Best Sandwiches in Lima

The Best Mercados in Lima

The Most Popular Sights & Sounds in Lima

The Best Treks Around Lima

The Best Dishes to Try in Lima


Enjoy the Peruvian capital!

Did we miss something? Tell us your favorite places in Lima, our guides are ever-growing!


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